This was a personal project set by a course by School of Motion. The brief was to pitch an animation of Converse with the tag line “Shoes are Boring, wear sneakers”.

The turn around for project delivery was extremely tight – 2 days. I found the course overall extremely hard to keep up with as I was also working full time while doing the course. I’m particularly proud of these frames as I feel that they keep within the converse brand, the lace element acts as a transition and draws the eye of the viewer to the final frame and logo.

I wanted to design an endframe that looked striking, cool and on brand. Firstly, I sketched out the idea, made it in Illustrator and then brought the vector paths into Cinema 4D.

The sketch and toon shader helped to convey a more rough and down-to-earth feel that I believe is more in line with the brand. Converse like a bit of grit and edginess to their style which is why I chose to render in sketch and toon.