This was a pitch for the Disney social home entertainment release for the BFG film, directed by Steven Spielberg. There were mostly stills in the pitch deck, which is usually all that can be produced in such a tight turnaround until a client signs off on the ideas. I had some free time and a brand new beautiful plugin called Turbulence FD so I suggested sprucing up the pitch with an animated logo.

The animated BFG logo was already made for the film. You can see the original here. I wanted to try and copy it as close as possible so that it could be used in the pitch document to really sell the idea to the client and show that we could create bespoke assets with my shiny new plugin.

We also pitched the idea of dream bottles, where you could see the magic moving around inside, waiting to be brought to life.

Turbulence FD was quite a hard plugin to learn but I had so much fun making both of these assets. When it comes to magic and smoke, Turbulence FD is perfect. I luckily got to use Turbulence FD again for some Maleficent 2 social work.

Art Director – Bobby Long
Concept Artist – Bernie Jezowski