Poster Spy were making a series of videos for their social media channel. They wanted to feature artists and show what inspires them, how they create their work and enable the viewers to find out more about the artist as a person, rather than just looking at their work.

I was tasked with designing a logo and the intro to all the videos. The intro needed to be versatile enough that it could be changed per artist and I also wanted the logo to feature the artwork of each artist.

As each artist was naturally completely different, I decided to design a logo that was minimalist but striking. Something you could recognise in an instant that would represent the calibre of the work in the videos.

For the intro, I wanted to create a colour palette that could be introduced to the artwork for each artist. This way, you would see some representation of the work of the featured artist, but each intro would look part of the same collection as it would all be the same colour palette.