Cinema 4D R20 | Materials System

By | Software

It seems that nodes are where all renderers, including C4D R20 materials system, is headed. Nodes do seem to offer more control and therefore, will result in more detailed, realistic and customisable materials. I can’t wait to see what the community come up with.

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Mikael Gustafsson | Among Trees

By | Project

I first saw work from Mikael Gustafsson on pinterest. A beautiful low polygon 3D render of a forest scene. More started popping up over the next few months and I learnt the designs were environment art for a game.

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School of Motion | Podcast

By | Podcast

Joey Korenman has been making a podcast series for just over a year named School of Motion, in line with his website by the same name. Joey has loads of connections in the industry and has built a great reputation for himself and his site.

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Animade | 8 Years

By | Project, Studio

Animade is one of the best character design animation studios around. They have a great online presence and are always contributing to the community by making short videos around animation fundamentals and their processes. They’ve just turned 8 so they’ve released an awesome animation to celebrate! Check it out below.

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Future Deluxe | Offfest

By | Project, Studio

This absolutely astounding work was produced by the amazing Future Deluxe. Their work has always been a standard that make most motion designers cry and shake their fists to the sky with envy. This project was something else. They primarily used Cinema 4D and Houdini for this piece. One day, if we all practice super hard, we’ll get there right?

Watch the full video here.